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Developer: SkyVerge
Version: 3.23.1
What is it for?

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin is a powerful tool designed to help online store owners sell products with variable sizes, shapes, and measurements. This plugin allows customers to enter the dimensions of the product they want to purchase, and it calculates the price based on those measurements. For instance, if a customer wants to purchase a carpet or a wallpaper, they can enter the dimensions of the area they want to cover, and the plugin will calculate the price based on the square footage. This plugin is particularly useful for businesses that sell products that are difficult to price without customization, such as blinds, flooring, or custom-cut fabrics. The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin provides a flexible and intuitive interface that allows store owners to create complex pricing rules based on measurement units, such as area, volume, weight, or length. Moreover, it supports a wide range of measurement units and conversion factors, making it easy to handle different measurement standards and systems. This plugin also allows store owners to set up pricing tiers, minimum and maximum values, and customize the pricing display to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Developer details

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