Frequently Asked Questions

(about downloading premium WordPress plugins for free)

Will I have access to all the tools?

Yes, you have access to everything from day one.

From minute one, you can download the premium plugins and themes you need to start creating your online business website.

Do you offer support?

No, that’s why the service is so cheap.

If you’re looking for official support, I recommend buying the plugin on the developer’s website (paying more money, of course).

Are you sure there’s no commitment to stay?

Sure, you can unsubscribe whenever you want.

You can be there for a month, see the amount of material available, and assess.

I assure you that the vast majority of the add-ons here are worth more than the monthly subscription.

Just one of them.

And many, more than the annual membership.

Will I be able to take advantage of all the plugins?

You could, of course, but it’s almost certain you won’t.

Let me explain: there are many plugins that are very general, necessary for any website, but then there are others on how to create an online academy, for example.

If you’re not planning to create an online academy, this plugin might not interest you.

But you have hundreds and, moreover, more are added every week.

How many downloads can I make per day?

You can make up to 15 downloads per day (this is to avoid bots that abuse the server).

When is the monthly fee charged?

It’s simple, if you register on the 9th, for example, you will be charged on the 9th of the following month.

It may vary a day up or down, as not all months have the same number of days, but this is common in most membership services.

Isn’t 10€ a month expensive?

I would say it’s an extraordinary investment.

But, of course, I’m biased.

So, only you can assess it.

But have no doubt that access to all these premium plugins and themes is worth its weight in gold.

They are the best tools on the market for people with real and profitable businesses.

No fairy tales.

From there, you decide if this membership interests you.

Is this service legal?

It’s completely legal.

All WordPress plugins and themes are registered under the GPL license, which allows them to be legally redistributed to others.

Why isn’t the license key included?

Because it’s not necessary for the plugins to function.

The license key basically serves to give access to technical support and automatic updates of the plugin.

Everything else is fully functional without the need for a license key.

I’m a newbie, entrepreneur, implementer, I have an online store… Is it for me?

It’s for anyone who uses premium plugins and themes and wants to save a good amount of money on licenses.

Can I come back if I unsubscribe?

No. If you unsubscribe, you cannot register again.